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About us

Szezám: my dog, an Akita. Kindness, charm and the feeling of home. After all, no matter how many times I go home, he always welcomes me with the same love.

Homemade confectionery, pastries, breakfast, snacks, milkshakes, matcha and, of course, specialty coffee.

We believe that good coffee and food made from quality ingredients are more than a daily necessity. It makes everyday life better, builds meaningful relationships and brings people together.

All our dishes and desserts are free of gluten, milk and refined sugars. We use oat, tapioca, almond, and coconut flour instead of grain flour, and we choose agave, xylitol, honey, and erythritol instead of traditional sugar for sweetening. We replace animal milk with plant-based alternatives. Most of our dishes also follow the paleo and vegan trend.

We would like you to drop by us on busy weekday mornings for a hot specialty coffee or an energy-boosting milkshake in the afternoon. If you're hungry, bite into a salmon sandwich, light salad or divine egg custard with avocado, or if you're craving something sweet, flirt with pistachio raspberry cake, cardamom porridge, strawberry cheesecake or a cinnamon snail accompanied by a steaming cup of coffee. On the weekend - when there's really time for everything - stop by for a slice of cookie with a glass of prosecco, either alone, with your child, lover, friends, pet or even while cycling. If you'd rather enjoy your coffee or cookie in the open air, ask for takeaway, whatever you like, take it home or eat it in one of the most beautiful parts of Budapest, the Danube riverbank.


We are waiting with love!

We are passionate about hospitality, people and ingredients, and we strive to deliver excellent quality and guest experience. We believe that there is some kind of real magic hidden in hospitality: the way the cavalcade of flavors, the strength of the guests, the intense smell of coffee come together in one atmosphere and ideas, inspirations and long-cherished dreams become reality.

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